casually cruel


Elephants walking through a rain forest.

ahh they look like bunnies in grass!!

taylorswift has been too good to me. Love love love.
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Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early am 18 Oct 2009

You have to be diligent about what you want, you have to apply yourself, you have to motivate yourself, you have to do it for self, by yourself, and then you can do things for other people.
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Long before she was my friend, she was my friend in my head.
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I wish I
could be more.

But not for

Fuck you.

I want to be
for myself.

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Love issues. Confidence. Self-esteem. And I’ve noticed so many people need music right now. If they can’t put into words how they’re feeling but a lyric does, that can become almost a life saving device. As a musician that’s the most incredible compliment.
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YOU GUYS ARE INVITED TO MY HOUSE OK ? I live in Brazil but that shouldn’t keep us apart LOLOLOL
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This world needs you, good person.
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